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Hotel Altötting Münchner Hof



Welcome to Hotel Münchner Hof.


Our fully refurbished building is located in the former home to the Canons of Altötting and gives you the best view on the famous Kapellplatz. Our house offers 24 hotel rooms, breakfast buffet at our restaurant, a large summer terrace as well as excellent service for your perfect stay. Enjoy our well-established and guest-orientated service on any occasion: business trip, family trip, pilgrimage or short weekend break.

Hotel Altötting Münchner Hof

Important notice for your navigation device:

Please enter "Popengasse" as your destination to access the public underground parking situated below our premises. Our hotel is located within walking distance from there. An elevator is available.


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Our hotel, opened in 2010, offers 24 rooms which have been refurbished by considering both historic as well as modern aspects. 

Category 1 rooms are characterized by high stucco ceilings, classy interior and large windows, which allow a panoramic view on the various churches surrounding the beautiful Kapellplatz. 

Category 2 rooms offer a discreet comfort that holds everything you need. The choice is yours…


At midday, our restaurant serves traditional Bavarian food. We show respect for our long lasting tradition and even today we are host to pilgrims and visitors from Bavaria and beyond. 


In the evening, our menu is influenced by more urban trends. We constantly vary our choice of down-to-earth, however creative dishes by using seasonal and regional products. Our range of excellent Bavarian-made beer by the Privatbrauerei Schönram, high quality wine and fine spirits guarantee your perfect visit at our restaurant.



Full of Bavarian tradition and old customs, which are present all over the year, Altötting is an ideal travel destination. A vivid springtime, with the first pilgrimages reaching town, huge processions and magnificent High Masses on holidays and of course the wonderful Advent season, famous for the Altöttinger Christkindlmarkt (Christmas market) and Advent Singing, are only a few of the main events taking place around the Chapel of Grace in Altötting.

Hotel Altötting Münchner Hof
Hotel Altötting Münchner Hof
Kapellpatz Altötting Münchner Hof
Hotel Altötting Münchner Hof
Hotel Altötting Münchner Hof
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